Field Studies

Our quality of life depends on our knowledge of the natural world and how best to take care of it. In addition to acquiring and protecting special places, MMLT encourages field studies leading to an understanding of how best to actively protect, manage, restore and enhance each property’s natural features. Volunteers give their time and energy to conduct research, take inventories and monitor species thereby gaining a better understanding of the effectiveness of MMLT stewardship activities. By tracking various species over time, including species at risk and invasive species, we can gain some understanding of the impact of climate change, habitat loss and other human disturbances.

Interested research parties may contact MMLT to propose research and secure documented permission to proceed. Copies of publications, posters and other products of the research project must be provided to MMLT in a timely manner upon completion of the project.  Researchers must ensure their study does not negatively impact the ecological health of the resource. The locations of provincially-listed rare, threatened or endangered species must not be disclosed.