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Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust

The Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust (MMLT) was incorporated in 2003 to conserve wilderness properties in Eastern Ontario, in the general region of the drainage basin of the Mississippi River and of the adjoining lands northward to the Madawaska River.

Our Mission: to legally protect and steward private lands which have ecological, biodiverse, aesthetic and cultural value, while at the same time fostering engagement with wilderness.

Our founders had two main goals, which we continue to honour:

  • To reverse the loss of natural habitat and species living in these ecosystems.
  • To allow people to experience the healing power of nature.

MMLT does this by obtaining properties through donation, purchase, or a combination of both. Alternatively, we can enter into a Conservation Easement Agreement with landowners to legally assume conservation protection of their property in perpetuity.

Some MMLT properties are open to the public to enjoy the trails and nature, and some are reserved for research and educational purposes. We protect over 3,300 acres of conservation lands, including 2,735 acres of forests, 442 acres of wetlands and 51 acres of grasslands.

Priority lands for conservation are old growth and interior forests and high quality wetlands, focusing on natural linkages and corridors that are vital for ecosystem services, biodiversity, and the protection of species at risk.


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We hope you will join us as a financial supporter to help grow our organization, thereby increasing our capacity to conserve and steward land, and facilitate human engagement with nature. 


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