High Lonesome Fish Study by Callum Ramsay, student at Sir Sanford Fleming College. Summer 2020

Around the beaver pond

Fish were only found in the beaver pond: “ I found that the first trap location near the beaver dam had around fifty fish inside it of only two species. There was a large amount of Northern Red Bellied Daces which averaged around 5cm in length. The second species was Finescale Daces which averaged around 6.5cm in length. Surprisingly there weren’t any Brook Sticklebacks caught in the trap but were found when I simply dipped the nets in parts of the water. My second location had no fish in the trap at all even though I could see the fish from the shore. I did a few dips in that area and found young Northern Red Bellied Daces and Brook Sticklebacks. “ All 3 of these species are common and not of concern.