Become a Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities at MMLT are many and varied from participating on committees to other tasks that may require less time commitment but are equally important to achieving our conservation goals. We welcome any help whether a few hours, days, or ongoing.

We have a variety of Volunteer Opportunities available. If you feel you can help in any of these areas, please complete and submit the Volunteer Registration form found at the bottom of this page and a member of our team will reach out to you.


Administration & Office Support

From time to time we need extra help to complete administration tasks such as campaign mail outs, phone calls to members and volunteers, and data entry.

Board Member

Members of the MMLT board are volunteers who oversee the operations and ensure good governance of the organization. They also actively participate in the delivery of programs. Board  members offer a wide variety of skills including financial, legal, ecological and conservation management, and fundraising.

If you have skills to offer and an interest in joining our Board, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at to express your interest. 

Event Helper

Many hands are required to make everything run smoothly at our public events. From the smiling face that greets you, to the person registering people, to the group which sets up and tears down supplies and equipment, every little bit helps. Even if you cannot make it to the event, volunteers are often needed on the planning team that organizes all the details that may include finding guest speakers, volunteers, sponsorships, writing media releases, and publicity.

Field Data Collection

When we first undertake the responsibility of a property, we take an initial inventory of species observed there. Several field trips may be organized to the property during different seasons to conduct surveys and gather information. Later, when developing management or restoration plans for a property, additional data may be required. Whatever your specialty – botany, entomology, herpetology, ornithology, mycology, or ichthyology – your expertise could be of invaluable assistance to us. Informed generalists are also welcomed.


Perhaps you are one of those amazing individuals who has a natural gift for inspiring donors to support a worthy cause. Maybe you have been involved in nature conservation for many years and know a lot of people who would gladly support our charity. We always need passionate fundraisers who can convince others that MMLT is worthy to be their charity of choice. If you can also leverage connections with local businesses and community groups as sponsors, your contribution will be invaluable.

Naturalist Guide

The MMLT Board shares a deep belief that nature heals. We want groups to use our nature reserves for educational purposes, recreational outings, nature walks, and simply being outdoors. We need informed guides willing to learn the special features and the story behind our special properties. If you have specific ecological expertise, we will happily organize an event around your specialty, be it mushrooms, mosses, or musk turtles.

Trail & Field Work

An over-riding objective of MMLT is to protect and preserve wilderness and keep our trails as non-intrusive as possible to the wilderness connection. For example, when we talk about trail oversight, we are not referring to sanitized groomed trails of the type we tend to think of when we visit parks. Occasionally, removal of dead-fall, pick up any litter, and installation of signage is needed.

If some areas of our properties have been degraded by previous human activities, we would like to restore them to their original, natural state. This might mean the removal of invasive species, reintroduction of native plants and trees, and thinning of crowded saplings to accelerate the return of a native forest.

When trail & field or restoration work is required, we organize a gathering and work in teams. Not only is important work accomplished, but you can meet others who share your enjoyment of these special places.

Project Management

From time to time MMLT undertakes projects that could involve research on particular topics such as bio-acoustic monitoring or carbon offset credits, preparing grant applications, developing and administering contracts with consultants, writing briefing notes and policy documents, and fulfilling the reporting requirements of the funding agencies. If you have a talent for writing, or experience with project management or contract administration, or some knowledge about existing funding opportunities for environmental purposes, we would welcome your help.

Property Monitor

When you love and know a property very well, all the tiny changes are quickly noticed. You will notice evidence of natural or human disturbances. If you also have ecology skills, your will notice any invasive species, evidence of beaver activity, and be able to identify any at-risk species that should be protected from human traffic. With training, volunteers can help us monitor our properties.

Publicity/Media Relations

MMLT uses several venues for external communication of news, public events, and other initiatives and information to the public. We need people who are skilled writers to help write for the newsletter, website, social media content, and media releases, just to name a few. Your experience in public and media relations could make a wonderful contribution to our publications and will provide advantages for a small non-profit organization.

Volunteer Registration Form

We appreciate your interest in volunteering! Please ensure your have reviewed the list of volunteer areas of interest on our website to determine which are the right fit for you. Once you submit this form, you will be contacted by our Volunteer Coordinator to confirm your application.