MMLT Photo Contest #2

MMLT Photo Contest #2

Below is the winning photo from our “People in Nature” contest. Alyssa Delle Palme took this shot atop Blueberry Mountain at cliffLAND with her son, Hubert, in October 2022.


MMLT is running its second photo contest! Let us showcase the beauty of nature that surrounds us all each day.


This contest will run from March 3rd to March 31st and the theme is “People in Nature


Photo Contest Guidelines:

  1. Email entry to
  2. Can include up to 3 photos in one entry
  3. Photos must be high resolution
  4. Photos must be at a MMLT property or another natural area in the Mississippi-Madawaska region.
  5. Photos must have an accompanying short caption including approximate date, location, how it relates to the theme, etc.
  6. Know that submitting your photos to the MMLT photo contest is also giving MMLT permission to share the photos in our newsletter and on social media (with due credit of course).
  7. You must have photo consent from any individuals in your photo(s). MMLT will assume they have provided their consent for the photo to be publicly shared.
  8. Don’t let the fact that you may not have a fancy camera deter you from participating! Great photos can be taken on smartphones and basic digital cameras.
  9. Be safe! Don’t get too close to wildlife, go off trail, or put yourself in any form of danger to take a photo.

Note: Photos don’t have to be taken in this Mar 3 – Mar 31 time period – it could be from earlier this winter, or last year even. As long as you remember (approximately) when and where it was.

Why participate you may ask? Well, here are some points of incentive for you:

  • Winner’s photo will be featured in MMLT’s newsletter and in a social media post. Runner up photos may also be featured.
  • If participant’s photo is taken at an MMLT property and if it is high enough resolution, it may be included in a MMLT box set of cards, 2024 calendar, or another form of MMLT product.
  • Participant’s name will placed in a pool to win one of the aforementioned products at the end of the year. Note that an individual’s name can be entered more than once should they wish to participate in more than one MMLT photo contest throughout the year.
  • It is an excellent opportunity to get outdoors to experience, capture, and share the beauty of nature.

How winners will be chosen:

Photos for each contest will be judged by a qualified, external judge. Considerations include: adherence to theme, general photo clarity, composition fundamentals, eye-catching/interesting/unique, captures beauty of nature, etc.


Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to email us at