Festival of the Wild Child-Scavenger Hunt

Festival of the Wild Child-Scavenger Hunt

The Festival of the Wild Child – Scavenger Hunt is back!  You and your children to fall in love with creative outdoor learning and play as you participate in nature-inspired scavenger hunts.

This event will provide thematic scavenger hunts along wooded trails and by ponds to learn, explore and engage with the natural world. Five unique hunts have been developed on different trails.

This festival is free for children under 18 years. Wild Child adults are requested to pay $10 for admission and donations are welcome.

HINT:  Choose your Scavenger Hunt from the list below before heading to Registration.  It will make the process easier for you.

Magical Fairies:  this magical walk through meadows, marshes, woods and along pathways will reveal the 5 special places where fairies live in harmony with nature safely hidden from human eyes.  This walk is suitable for all ages and abilities but especially for believers. Spooky Marsh –  900 metres. Moderate short steep sections.

Marvelous Mammals:   Find clues along the trail to help you locate and identify the wild mammals that live at High Lonesome.           Tranquility Pond – 2 1/2 kms. Moderate easy climb.

Beavers and Life at the Pond:  The trail is rugged and picturesque thanks to the Beavers!  This scavenger hunt will inspire the inner story teller in you!  This trail is most suitable to family members 5 years of age and older due to moderate short steep sections.  Please wear long pants and sturdy closed shoes.  1320 meters

Granny Sumac’s Meadow:   Can you find the things that grow in Granny Sumacs Meadow?  Follow the clues through the meadow to find Granny Sumac.   This is a shorter trail for shorter legs.

Butterflies and other Insects.  Travel Pollinators Path to discover the small, colourful and important creatures who help our plants and food grow.  You may even turn into a monarch butterfly!  Moderate sloped sections.

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