Sustain the Wild Campaign

Help us raise $150,000 in honour of Canada’s 150th Anniversary.
Together we can achieve Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust’s vision
to preserve wilderness for centuries to come.


tkmarsh-ancient-cedarYes. That’s the commitment that MMLT makes to protect the ecologically important properties under its stewardship.

MMLT works with landowners to conserve land in the Mississippi River watershed, the lower Madawaska River watershed, and in rural west Ottawa. Currently MMLT has over 2400 acres under its protection and will continue to add significant properties to its stewardship.

As an organization MMLT aims to be sustainable for the 999 year time frame to meet its legal and moral obligations to the landowners who have entrusted their land for safekeeping.

High Five on Blueberry

MMLT runs a Wild Child initiative, a collection of activities on its properties to connect children to the natural world.


In addition to protecting land, MMLT runs events and programs on its properties to connect people to nature for physical and spiritual well-being. Research shows that among predictors of human health – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual – engagement in nature is critically important.


MMLT offers you an opportunity to help preserve the natural heritage of wilderness land that exists in Eastern Ontario. Urban boundaries are expanding across this region, whether it’s the City of Ottawa spreading into its rural west end, Eastern Ontario towns growing new suburbs to meet population needs, or people seeking vacation properties on wilderness lakes and rivers.

When you donate to the Sustainability Fund, you are investing in the future of the organization and the land it preserves.


To mark Canada’s 150th birthday, MMLT has set a goal to grow its Sustainability Fund by $150,000.

The Sustainability Fund is a permanent endowment held and administered by the Community Foundation of Ottawa (CFO) on behalf of MMLT. It provides an annual disbursement used to ensure the operational stability of the mission, programs, staffing, and ongoing operations of the land trust.

Achieving financial sustainability means MMLT can focus its resources on protecting land for future generations and ensuring people have opportunities to experience the beauty and benefits of wilderness. It also means the financial security of the organization is secured. Help MMLT sustain the wild and celebrate many more birthdays with Canada.

To donate to the Sustainability Fund,
please contact [email protected] or 613-253-2722