Walking Stick

Walking Stick


Introducing the MMLT Walking Stick!

Crafted with care in Pakenham, each MMLT Walking Stick is a testament to local craftsmanship and dedication. No two walking sticks are the same!

The Walking Sticks come in a variety of shapes and sizes with either a coat of varnish, stain, or finishing oil.

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These handmade Walking Sticks are created and donated to MMLT by one of our remarkable volunteers. The Walking Sticks are fashioned from branches sourced sustainably from within Lanark County. By repurposing the material such as the branches from downed trees on roadways, not only would you be getting a beautifully crafted hiking stick made from a native tree species, but you'd also be giving new life to parts of trees that had reached the end of their natural cycle.

The Walking Sticks can be cut to size so it is perfectly suited to your height.

Pickup available at the MMLT office or at MMLT Events.