2023 Radiothon on Lake 88.1

2023 Radiothon on Lake 88.1

A big thank you to all who tuned into our 2023 Radiothon on Lake 88.1 and followed up with a kind donation! To listen to a recording of the broadcast, please click here.


Celebrate 20 years of conservation with MMLT and Lake 88!

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, July 15 at 8:00 AM, Lake 88.1 FM will broadcast a one-hour Radiothon to benefit the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust (MMLT) on its “All About the House” program.

It’s an exciting year for MMLT – our 20th anniversary – and to celebrate, this year’s Radiothon will feature interviews from a few founding members of the land trust. You will hear fascinating stories from Howard Clifford, Mary Vandenhoff, and Donna Davidson, as well as from Emily Giles, current MMLT director and Chair of the Fundraising and Communications Committee about why the land trust’s job has never been more critical. Our inspiring speakers will recount exceptional moments in MMLT’s history, emphasize the importance of protecting land in perpetuity, highlight fun upcoming family events, and reveal exciting new land trust initiatives. You won’t want to miss our big announcement!

Please tune into Lake 88.1 FM (or listen online at www.lake88.ca) on Saturday July 15th to enjoy the discussion and offer your support for the important work we do in preserving natural lands. After all, the Lake 88.1 Radiothon is one of MMLT’s biggest fundraising initiatives of the year! MMLT relies on the support of generous community members and businesses to continue and expand our work. Never have natural landscapes been under such pressure to be developed, and never has the need to conserve land and protect vulnerable species been more urgent!

MMLT’s phone lines (613-253-2722) will be open from 8 am to 6 pm on Radiothon day to accept donations over the phone. Donations can also be made online anytime here. mmlt.ca/support-us/donate/


Our thanks to Lake 88.1 for hosting this event and to Barker Wilson Professional Corporation for being our sponsor.