Dr. Henri Goulet Captures the Crowd

We were fortunate to have Dr. Henri Goulet as the speaker at our AGM on March 29th.  About 70 people filled the hall to hear Dr. Goulet’s talk on The Decline in Diversity of Insects.  Dr. Goulet had a long career with Agriculture & Agri-food Canada and continues on as an Honourary Research Associate.

Dr. Goulet’s research indicates that the decline in insects in eastern Canada is coincident with the increase in the planting of corn and soy crops between 1969 and 1980.  According to Dr. Goulet, it is the use of the herbicidal sprays on these crops that is causing the problem.  The loss of insects has an impact on other species that feed on them, such as birds.  To read more about Dr. Goulet’s research, read his paper Impact of herbicides on the insect and spider diversity in eastern Canada.

Not only was Dr. Goulet’s presentation very informative; his photos of the various insect species that were studied are exceptional.  Board member Mary Vandenhoff congratulated Dr. Goulet on his lifelong efforts to make a difference.