Backyard Beauties Online Auction

Backyard Beauties Online Auction

Remember Birdhouse Blowout, 2021 and Birdhouse Bonanza, 2022? It’s that time again and MMLT, in collaboration with Barb Carroll and Glenda Jones, is happy to announce that we are running our second Birdhouse Auction, but with a twist. Last year’s birdhouse builders requested that we broaden the scope of the auction this year, and we listened. This year the auction, BACKYARD BEAUTIES 2023, includes entries of birdhouses, birdbaths, bird feeders, and garden art to enchant the birds, and delight homeowners.

This is a big year for MMLT, our 20th anniversary, and we are trying to raise $10,000 to help acquire conservation land and protect the habitats of the species that inhabit it. Never have natural landscapes been under such pressure to be developed, and never has the need to conserve land and protect vulnerable species been more urgent.

We urge community members to get their creative juices flowing to produce a backyard beauty to be donated to the process of acquiring conservation properties. Entries can be made of any material and of any size you choose. For some curated construction tips, click here. In the past, we have had birdhouse entries displaying a high level of artistic talent – these are magnificent works of art. If you have seen these and feel intimidated, please don’t. There are lots of buyers who want something rustic and within a more limited budget. If you think your entry won’t be good enough, it most certainly will. In the two years we have run the birdhouse auctions we have sold every entry!

You have from now until April 14th to register your creation.

Registration is now closed. Bidding is now open! 

Join us at and partake in 2 weeks of bidding fun from April 17 at 8 am to April 28 at 5pm.

When you view the auction from this link, you’ll be automatically joined as soon as you log into or create your 32auctions account. This means you’ll be a participant, can view the auction items, can bid on items when the auction is running (April 17-28, 2023), and will see the auction on your My Auctions page. Happy bidding, everyone!